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  • IKS - IR spectroscopy of comet Halley

    Measurements of comet Halley in the spectral channel of IKS on board the Vega-1 spacecraft. Data are retrieved from the PDS Small Bodies Node archive (2011 reformatted version) and completed with extra information from the original team. The dataset consists in 101 tables providing the calibrated radiance spectra of comet Halley as distance decreases, plus two composite spectra in different spectral ranges. For details and further references, see: Combes M. et al., 1988, The 2.3-12 micron Spectrum of Comet Halley from the IKS-VEGA Experiment, Icarus, 76, 404-436.

    Creators: LESIA
    Contributors: Stéphane Erard, IKI, PDS, PADC
    Publisher: Paris Astronomical Data Centre - LESIA

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