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  • mpc - Minor Planet Center - Asteroid Orbital Data

    The EPN-TAP 2.0 version of the complete asteroid data from the Minor Planet Center (MPC), updated once per month. The MPC operates at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under the auspices of Division III of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). The MPC Orbit database contains orbital elements of minor planets that have been published in the Minor Planet Circulars, the Minor Planet Orbit Supplement and the Minor Planet Electronic Circulars..

    Creators: Williams, G., Keys, S., Rudenko, M., Galache
    Publisher: The GAVO DC team

  • granule_uid dataproduct_type target_name time_min (d) time_max (d) granule_gid obs_id target_class time_sampling_step_min (s) time_sampling_step_max (s) time_exp_min (s) time_exp_max (s) spectral_range_min (Hz) spectral_range_max (Hz) spectral_sampling_step_min (Hz) spectral_sampling_step_max (Hz) spectral_resolution_min (Hz) spectral_resolution_max (Hz) c1min (deg) c1max (deg) c2min (deg) c2max (deg) c3min (m) c3max (m) s_region c1_resol_min (deg) c1_resol_max (deg) c2_resol_min (deg) c2_resol_max (deg) c3_resol_min (m) c3_resol_max (m) spatial_frame_type incidence_min (deg) incidence_max (deg) emergence_min (deg) emergence_max (deg) phase_min (deg) phase_max (deg) instrument_host_name instrument_name measurement_type processing_level creation_date modification_date release_date service_title magnitude (mag) slope_parameter epoch (a) mean_anomaly (deg) arg_perihel (deg) long_asc (deg) inclination (deg) eccentricity mean_motion (deg/d) semi_major_axis (AU) uncertainty reference n_obs n_opp arc_length (d) rms_fit (arcsec) perturbers computer orbit_class first_obs (a) last_obs (a)
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