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  • MCD - EPN-TAP access to the MCD database

    MCD is a database of atmospheric statistics compiled from Global Climate Model (GCM) numerical simulation of Martian atmosphere ( The GCM computes in 3D the atmospheric circulation and climate taking into account radiative transfer through the gaseous atmospheres and the dust and ice aerosols, includes a representation of the CO2 ice condensation and sublimation on the ground and in the atmosphere, simulates the water cycle (with modelling of cloud microphysics), the dust multisize particle transport, the atmospheric composition controlled by the photochemistry and the local non-condensible gas enrichment and depletion induced by CO2 condensation and sublimation, and has been extended into the thermosphere and to model ionospheric processes (due to chemistry). The database extends up to exobase (the top of the thermosphere, roughly at 300km in altitude); in addition to statistics on temperature, wind, pressure, radiative fluxes, it provides data such as atmospheric composition (including dust water vapor and ice content) and make use of 'dust and Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) scenarios' to represent the variation of dust in the atmosphere and solar EUV conditions.

    Creators: Zi Yin, Alexandre Rostaing
    Contributors: Ehouarn Millour, Stéphane Erard, PADC
    Publisher: LMD

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    SELECT * FROM mcd.epn_core

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