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  • Mars_Craters - Martian Impact Craters

    Catalogue of Martian impact craters with properties, from Robbins & Hynek 2011 (10.1029/2011JE003967)

    Creators: Mikhail Minin
    Publisher: Jacobs Uni

  • granule_uid dataproduct_type target_name time_min (d) time_max (d) granule_gid obs_id target_class time_sampling_step_min (s) time_sampling_step_max (s) time_exp_min (s) time_exp_max (s) spectral_range_min (Hz) spectral_range_max (Hz) spectral_sampling_step_min (Hz) spectral_sampling_step_max (Hz) spectral_resolution_min (Hz) spectral_resolution_max (Hz) c1min (deg) c1max (deg) c2min (deg) c2max (deg) c3min (m) c3max (m) s_region c1_resol_min (deg) c1_resol_max (deg) c2_resol_min (deg) c2_resol_max (deg) c3_resol_min (m) c3_resol_max (m) spatial_frame_type incidence_min (deg) incidence_max (deg) emergence_min (deg) emergence_max (deg) phase_min (deg) phase_max (deg) instrument_host_name instrument_name measurement_type processing_level creation_date modification_date release_date service_title target_region bib_reference diameter depth feature_name degradation_state crater_morphology_1 crater_morphology_2 crater_morphology_3 ejecta_morphology_1 ejecta_morphology_2
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    SELECT * FROM mars_craters.epn_core

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