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  • PSA - ESA Planetary Science Archive

    The European Space Agency's Planetary Science Archive (PSA) is the central repository for all scientific and engineering data returned by ESA's Solar System missions, as well as several ground-based cometary observations. The EPN-TAP service provides links to zipped archives containing PDS data.

    Creators: Angel Montero, Alan MacFarlane
    Contributors: ESA / PSA
    Publisher: European Space Agency

  • access_url dataproduct_type granule_uid target_name time_max (d) time_min (d) access_estsize access_format c1max (deg) c1min (deg) c1_resol_max (deg) c1_resol_min (deg) c2max (deg) c2min (deg) c2_resol_max (deg) c2_resol_min (deg) c3max (deg) c3min (deg) c3_resol_max (deg) c3_resol_min (deg) creation_date emergence_max (deg) emergence_min (deg) granule_gid incidence_max (deg) incidence_min (deg) instrument_host_name instrument_name measurement_type modification_date obs_id phase_max (deg) phase_min (deg) processing_level release_date service_title spatial_frame_type spectral_range_max (Hz) spectral_range_min (Hz) spectral_resolution_max (Hz) spectral_resolution_min (Hz) spectral_sampling_step_max (Hz) spectral_sampling_step_min (Hz) s_region target_class thumbnail_url time_exp_max (s) time_exp_min (s) time_sampling_step_max (s) time_sampling_step_min (s)
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    SELECT * FROM psa.epn_core

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