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  • HFC1AR - Heliophysics Feature Catalog active regions

    Solar active regions extracted from Heliophysics Feature Catalog.

    Creators: Jean Aboudarham
    Contributors: Xavier Bonnin, Christian Renié, PADC
    Publisher: Paris Astronomical Data Centre - LESIA

  • granule_uid dataproduct_type target_name time_min (d) time_max (d) access_url granule_gid obs_id target_class time_sampling_step_min (s) time_sampling_step_max (s) time_exp_min (s) time_exp_max (s) spectral_range_min (Hz) spectral_range_max (Hz) spectral_sampling_step_min (Hz) spectral_sampling_step_max (Hz) spectral_resolution_min (Hz) spectral_resolution_max (Hz) c1min (deg) c1max (deg) c2min (deg) c2max (deg) c3min (km) c3max (km) c1_resol_min (deg) c1_resol_max (deg) c2_resol_min (deg) c2_resol_max (deg) c3_resol_min c3_resol_max spatial_frame_type incidence_min (deg) incidence_max (deg) emergence_min (deg) emergence_max (deg) phase_min (deg) phase_max (deg) instrument_host_name instrument_name measurement_type access_format access_estsize (kbyte) processing_level publisher reference service_title institut code version feature_name enc_met person contact observat instrume telescop obsinst_key units wavemin wavemax wavename waveunit spectral_domain obs_type obs_cat date_obs date_end jdint jdfrac c_rotation filename url cdelt1 cdelt2 naxis1 naxis2 center_x center_y r_sun bitpix bscale bzero exp_time file_format data_type qclk_url qclk_fname id_ar noaa_number feat_x_pix feat_y_pix feat_x_arcsec feat_y_arcsec feat_hg_long_deg feat_hg_lat_deg feat_carr_long_deg feat_carr_lat_deg br_x0_pix br_y0_pix br_x1_pix br_y1_pix br_x2_pix br_y2_pix br_x3_pix br_y3_pix br_x0_arcsec br_y0_arcsec br_x1_arcsec br_y1_arcsec br_x2_arcsec br_y2_arcsec br_x3_arcsec br_y3_arcsec br_hg_long0_deg br_hg_lat0_deg br_hg_long1_deg br_hg_lat1_deg br_hg_long2_deg br_hg_lat2_deg br_hg_long3_deg br_hg_lat3_deg br_carr_long0_deg br_carr_lat0_deg br_carr_long1_deg br_carr_lat1_deg br_carr_long2_deg br_carr_lat2_deg br_carr_long3_deg br_carr_lat3_deg feat_area_pix feat_area_deg2 feat_area_mm2 feat_max_int feat_min_int feat_mean_int feat_mean2qsun feat_min_bz feat_max_bz feat_mean_bz feat_mean_grad feat_median_grad feat_max_grad feat_length_nl feat_length_sg cc_x_pix cc_y_pix cc_x_arcsec cc_y_arcsec cc cc_length snapshot track_id phenom ref_feat track_lvl_trust release_date creation_date modification_date s_region
    QUERY :

    SELECT * FROM hfc1ar.epn_core WHERE (1 = ivo_hashlist_has(lower("target_name"),lower('Saturn')) OR 1 = ivo_hashlist_has(lower("target_name"),lower('6'))) AND time_max <= 2456018.50000000 AND time_min >= 2455987.50000000

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